Jan 25 – 27, 2023
Lindenberg cultuurhuis
Europe/Amsterdam timezone

Quantum Dynamics of Causal Sets: Progress and Challenges

Jan 25, 2023, 11:30 AM
Valkhofzaal (Lindenberg cultuurhuis)


Lindenberg cultuurhuis

Ridderstraat 23, 6511 TM Nijmegen


Prof. Sumati Surya (Raman Research Institute)


I will give an overview of quantum dynamics in causal set theory. Because of the fundamental (causal) non-locality of causal sets, the dynamics is best described in the language of histories or the path integral formulation. The approach, to date, has been broadly two pronged: the first uses a continuum-inspired partition function and the discrete Einstein Hilbert action while the second uses first principles to construct the decoherence functional within a "growth" paradigm. I will describe recent progress in both and the open questions and challenges that remain.

Primary author

Prof. Sumati Surya (Raman Research Institute)

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